Technology research
P/G structure

Because of the PET flim's flexibility, a capacitive touch screen solution with a layer of PET film and a layer of functional glass have good explosion-proof performance. When subjected to strong impact, the glass will split and not splash, which can effectively ensure the safety of the body.  It is widely used in tablet computer, education electronics, vehicle and POS domain. 



Several major performance of P/G  STRUCYURE are PET film thickness with 0.188mm and 0.25 mm,  glass thickness with 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm, glass types with Al Si and soda lime, falling ball tests with 64g*50cm and 130g*30cm, communication interfaces with I2C, HID I2C and USB, characteristic table structure and stock thickness. The common material brands are 1 PET/PMMA/composite board/PC 0.188/0.25mm/0.5/0.65/1.0mm SKC/JSVT/MSK/Mistubishi 2 OCA 0.125mm/0.175mm, etc.

 structure Material thickness Materials Brand
 1 PET/PMMA/Clad plate/PC 0.188/0.25mm/0.5/0.65/1.0mm SKC/JSVT/MSK/Mitsubishi
 2 OCA 0.125mm/0.175mm LG/3M
 3 Sensor 0.4-1.1mm Asahi sudaline
 Technology Yellow light process (full ITO triangular scheme), printing process (large size DITO)
  Scheme Self-contained (triangular)、DITO
 Advantage Cheapness
 Shortcoming Low strength and hardness

P+G Scheme with Small Size

At present, it is the mainstream solution of medium and large size low-end market (PET/PC+G)