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G/M2 structure

A capacitive touch screen solution with one layer of glass and one layer of double-sided metal-mesh film functional chip structure, M2 represents the capacitive inductance layer and drive layer of functional chip formed on both sides of one layer of film respectively. The cover glass has good strength, and the functional sheet with membrane shape is not easy to be damaged even if it is subjected to strong impact. Single layer film can further reduce the thickness of structure than double layer film, while maintaining the same level of electrical performance.

It is widely used in mobile phones, tablets, metamorphic notebooks and educational tablets.


1476257250638151.jpgMain performance


Glass thickness:0.55mm、0.7mm、1.1mm;

Glass Types: Al Si, soda-lime;

Single-layer double-sided metal-mesh film thickness:0.05mm、0.1mm;

Drop ball test:64g*60cm、110g*40cm;

Communication Interface:I2C、HID I2C、USB;